Walking With Chronic Pain=Spiritual Journey

Chronic pain. Just the words makes many of us cringe. It plagues over 20% of U.S. adults. But we cannot let it stop us from living. I find that living with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) redirects me to focus on priorities. I’m learning to “pace myself” words that make this type-A personality, always busy entrepreneur, re-evaluate my life.

My next goal—walk the last 100 KM (83+ miles) of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Why? I’ve juggled many reasons. The main one is because my youngest daughter Mary-Kate asked me to join her, and family bonds have shot to the top of my priorities. The reason I remained determined (although not without wobbles) despite postponement due to Covid, unrest in the Ukraine, and a significant RA flare is because it is an ancient Pilgrimage. It’s not just a walk, it is a journey of the spirit.

We have been training-in separate states, me with the encouragement of our rescue pup Holly. The actual pilgrimage begins with a bus ride to New York City on August 26.

I will need your prayers: 1. Pain management 2.Spiritual enrichment 3. Our families we leave behind us. 4. For all people who live in chronic pain. Please share this first post with your friends and family that they may uphold us in prayer as well. I will post as often as possible during the journey so that you may travel with us.

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