Name the Cane

My beautiful walking companion deserves a name. She has already shown her worth.

The journey begins. Actually it began yesterday with the VAMOOSE bus from Lorton, VA to Penn Station in New York City. What a joyful way to arrive.

I’m ever so grateful for this cane. Others recommended a practical, collapsible one but, if you must use one, at least make sure it’s one you love. The twisted wood shaft and smooth curvature of the hand-rest that fits my hand perfectly comforts, delights and empowers me. And, as my protective husband tells me, “it makes a good weapon as well.”

I confess the thought of tripping a woman on a phone who cut me off while I was pulling my suitcase on a crooked sidewalk, did indeed cross my mind. But the impression left by the generous kindness of a young stranger who leapt to carry my suitcase up the stairs at the Long Island Railroad stop trumps any self centeredness by others. May we always think on what is good and kind.

Already the cane has come in handy. On the bus, it’s a wonderful prop to support my ever-present book. In this case, the electronic reader happily replaces the five or more books I’d otherwise have carried. But, back to the cane. Wedged diagonally next to the window, it supported my elbow which allowed me to rest my head on my hand and nap! What joy.

I should give the cane a name. What do you suggest? It should be something noble, like her task of comfort and strength. It should be beautiful like the twisted grains of wood. Send me your suggestions and I will pick one.

6 thoughts on “Name the Cane

  1. I like Aaron. The Biblical Aaron helped keep Moses’ arms up when as long as Moses held his arms up, the army fighting the enemy prevailed, when he let them down, they were losing the battle. Moses’ arms got tired, and Aaron and Hur stepped up to keep them raised. SO you cane is keeping you lofted up so you can prevail.


  2. Samwise – for Samwise Gamgee. I mean, you’re going on an adventure. Samwise is Frodo’s primary support system. He’s there to support physically and emotionally as they journey to destroy the ring. He’s what keeps him going. Think of your cane as your own Samwise and loyal companion to see you through your journey. *hugs*


  3. I’m so excited to watch your journey. I’d name your walking stick Ultriea. I think that’s the correct spelling. It means “beyond”. 🇪🇸


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