Letting the Pictures do the Talking: Morgade to Portomarin

El Camino is strongly rooted in the very rocks.
Thank God for walking sticks. They saved us many times today from a fall but my cane still rides piggy back as my feet still bear me up.
Yes, that’s a tractor. Fortunately there was a small side dip in the path where we could pull our toes in as he went by. It is pulling a trailer load of rocks to repair the stacked stone walls. These craftsmen turn utility into art.
For a few brief shining moments the path was level, the farm passage serene, and the cool breezes blew.
Only 100 km left to Santiago!
Thus our love and gratitude for walking sticks.
The 12th century castle-looking building top right is the Igrexa (temple) de San Nicolao in Portomarin. It was transported stone by stone from below the bridge when flooded by a reservoir in 1961.
The Romanesque temple was built as San Xoan Hospitalarios church by the Military Order of Santiago Knights. It still serves daily mass.
San Nicolao and I point the way to Santiago.
But first, we need ice cream. Tomorrow is all up hill.

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