Following the Footsteps of 500 years of Pilgrims from Around the World

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Camino de Santiago is that we meet wonderful people and often end up staying in the same stopping area or even same Alberge (rustic but sufficient hotel). This is Patrick and Kate with whom we walked the last several kilometers today. They are also from the Washington DC area which is amazing as we have met very few Americans. Yesterday we rested for a while with people from Uruguay, Korea, Russia, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria.

The kilometers, as well as the rocky 8 mile up hill climb today is starting to take its toll. Feet, ankles and low back are talking to me. But I’m not at all the only one sporting tape and support wraps. It’s a common sight among both young and old. Our pace is not by any means the fastest but surprisingly, not among the slowest either…yet! Mary-Kate and I are like the tortoise and the hare. We each take our own pace up the steepest hills. I may be slow but I keep on going! Calls of “Buen Camino” ring all day as walkers encourage each other.

Castro de Castromaior, are ruins of a village inhabited during the 4th Century BC til the 1st Century AD. We thought we were the only ones there only to discover our new friends Patrick and Kate had arrived before us and were resting in the shade of this ancient village. It was a side jaunt off the trail and well worth it. The placid green agriculture visible from the heights of the ancient site are a huge contrast to the primitive ancient farms with stone wall divided fields further East. I greatly enjoyed the coziness of the small farms, but there is restful peace in the green of this new region
This peaceful sight is where we stopped walking today. The cool stone benches beside the chapel cooled my aches as I stretched and prayed.

The real reason we are here, spiritual connection, is never far from our minds. With morning, noon and evening prayers and stops near simple but beautiful chapels, one can never be far from thoughts of God’s goodness. We are surrounded by good people from all around the world with one common intention, to give glory to God. And we are all aware of those whose feet have trod these paths for 500 years before us.

2 thoughts on “Following the Footsteps of 500 years of Pilgrims from Around the World

  1. Praying the Lord gives you strength in your body and good rest when it’s time to rest. Enjoying the photos and seeing you with Mary-Kate.


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