Exhausted and Happy

Bridge leading into Melide, Spain

Never was a bridge viewed with such relieved joy as we two upon reaching Melide. It was a very challenging day. We were blessed with heavy fog this morning and relatively cool weather. That, and our fellow companions made the day a joy. But everyone is hobbling tonight.

Here’s our journey so far: 28 Aug: Uber, two airports, car. Sarria, Spain, toured city. Blazingly hot, very steep. 3.6 miles, Mary-Kate logged 6.6 because she ran behind my airport wheel chair. I forgot to wear a hat in airport and lights caused terrible instability (another story).

29 Aug: Sarria to Morgade: Blazingly hot, dry, up hill all day, rocky, 8.5 miles

30 Aug: Morgade to Portomarin: hot, gradual up hill all day, rocky mixed with gravel and a few very treacherous descents with steep climb up to town. 8.4 miles

31 Aug: Portomarin to Lugar Ventas (my favorite stop-quiet, small, intimate, tiny chapel in the countryside)— comfortably shady, down hill all day, rocky and gravel, 8.2 miles

1 Sept: Ventas to Palas de Rei: comfortable sunny, downhill or level, stayed on hill 1km above town and walked into town where dinner was then back into town to tour and visit church, 9.5 miles

2 Sept: foggy and cool morning then sprinkles then cool and clear, short level bits alternating with short steep up or short steep down, very rocky, one industrial boring loud stretch, mostly shady woodland, 9.5 miles

Hotel (not alberge this time) in town gave us a room on top floor with a balcony. We got to wash laundry (by hand) and have a heated towel rack that is perfect for drying. NO town tour as our feet wouldn’t go. AND tomorrow is a rest day. We are excited there is a museum in town. I’ll tell you something more exciting tomorrow!

Meanwhile, keep those prayers coming. We are praying for you all.

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