Camino: The Joy of Simple Pleasures

A great sun hat, comfy backpack, and warm neck scarf contributed to a great deal of joy today.

Never underestimate the joy of a really great shower! Hot water; YEAH. It was cold, cloudy and windy today with thunder all around us. But we did not get wet. Often it’s the simple pleasures that give us the greatest joy.

We are in Arzua today where every March they have a huge cheese festival. Mmm. Cheese makes life happy. It makes ME happy. So sorry all you who are lactose intolerant. Tomorrow we shall go cheese shopping.

Happily, we have another rest day tomorrow. Although today was only about 8 1/2 miles it was non-stop steep up and down. I’m sorry to admit it brings me great joy at how many people I passed today. I am NOT the slowest nor limping the most. It was very painful even with Rock Tape, support wraps and hiking boots. But, our preparation, shorter distances, stretching and daily rest pay off.

The greatest luxury is the leisure to stop and rest along the way. We converse without interruptions by phone or computers or tv. The joy of conversation with other peregrinos and each other is probably my greatest pleasure.

Our former companions Patrick and Kate, Ignacio and Maria, have moved on a day ahead of us. Kate sent us trail suggestions and warnings. We happily followed her advice. Already we miss their companionship but we met other pilgrims along the way. Today we met three ladies from Mexico who were thrilled to meet fellow North Americans.

A delightful Italian woman, now living in Spain, representing the Iglesia de Santiago in Arzua very confidently told us, “I’ll see you at 7:00 for the peregrinos mass.” Okay! We will be there. It’s a five minute walk from our hotel. We have no excuse.

Clean socks, dry toes, a good sun hat and a comfortable back pack all contribute immensely to happy faces and joyful spirits.

And snack time. Snacks make us happy!!!

Now, we are off to eat local food… again. We like food! I bet I gain weight despite all the walking. We are well fed. Happy happy joy!

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