Camino: The Pauses Between the Doing

Stormy sunrise over the hills of Arzua.

The first walkers left at 5:00 this morning with quiet, rhythmic foot shuffling. I don’t know if it was still raining at that time but it rained all night and the sun doesn’t rise before 8 am. They had places to go.

By 8:00 a pale yellow sun, heavily shrouded by layers of roiling clouds in shades of grey and blue, shed a cold light on the parade of walkers below our window. I saw only one pause to take a picture… of the road ahead, the path not yet taken. None gave the sun it’s due.

My daughter and I, safe and dry in our room, don’t speak, content in our mutual silence. In a coordinated dance, like leaves lazily whirled by a funnel of breeze, we dress and prepare to face the day. There are new wonders to discover—both within and without.

Every new day is a chance to begin again, to learn, to grow. Every day is a new blessing. I am alive.

Chocolate and churros are welcome relief from the persistent cold rain.

I’m grateful for this extra rest day. My pain level is fairly low today but my energy tank is running on fumes. It is good to take time to refresh and restore. We should not wait till illness or age enforce this lesson. Now, today matters. It is not always about what needs to be done or places to go. Life in the now creates the greatest awareness. Gratitude and joy flow out of the pauses between the doing.

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