Camino: Samwise and Walking The Way

Today was a blissful, solitary meditation-walk. Bird-song carried the harmony to the melody of the wind in the trees. Leaves danced and clouds swirled. Rain pattered and feet crunched through tunnels of eucalyptus-scented air. Such joyful sounds played the opus of our Camino. Today, I truly walked The Way.

Somehow it all got mixed up with Samwise, for whom my trusty cane, strapped to my pack and towering over my head, is named.

Samwise is my favorite character in Lord of the Rings. Poor Sam is heartbroken to leave his old Ganther. But, out of loyalty to his master, he sticks by Frodo no matter how frightening or challenging the way.

He carries his master’s burden, the ring. He even carries his master when Frodo is at the end of his strength. Sam was, in fact, the only soul pure and humble enough to not be affected by the power of the ring. Such devotion and love is rare.

If only I served my Lord with such purity and humility.

Today was a day for gratitude and meditation, for unity with, and to glory in, God’s great providence. It was a day of dancing with trees and walking The Way.

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