Camino: Rain and Pain-Tomorrow Santiago

We are so close to Santiago even the sewer covers bear the clam shell image.

The rain in Spain does NOT stay mainly on the plain. It was our fifth day in a row of cold rain and mountain mud. Everything hurts. Rheumatoid Arthritis flared every joint- support tissue. My legs felt like they walked with cement boots. Or maybe the dragging weight is just mud.

Today we walked over two hours down hill at about 33-45 degree angles. Then we walked the same up hill. It was very slow. The sun, however, did eventually backlight the clouds. Maybe tomorrow will be dry. It’s all up hill now to Santiago.

I could barely stand when we reached Lavacolla today. But they have a tub—blessed hot water. Very fitting as this was where ancient peregrinos stopped to wash their stinky bodies for the first time before entering Santiago. It took me about an hour in the tub to stop shivering. Then I crawled in bed for a long nap.

One more day! Keep praying for us. Even Mary-Kate is feeling the strain and enjoyed a bath and nap. Also pray we stay healthy as both are coughing from constant chill.

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