Camino de Santiago achieved

We made it to Santiago.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers. This was a challenge. When we arrived yesterday I just wanted to lie down in the middle of the courtyard and sleep. In fact, I got lost trying to get back to our hotel later and, upon arrival, just went to bed. For the first time, I’m writing this blog the following morning.

So…why did we do this? I think that over the next days and months it will become more clear. Perhaps God has an ultimate challenge ahead and wants me to know I can stay steadfast. Perhaps I’ve become too complacent in my excuse of illness and avoiding charitable involvement. Perhaps my soul needed a monumental kick.

I do know that it was an adventure we will long remember. We met extraordinary people with more courage and gumption than I fear I will ever have. We met spiritual souls that practically glow. We met gentle souls content to simply endure for the sake of others. We met exuberant youth filled with zeal. It is the people rather than the drudgery and the beauty of walking that will linger in my mind.

We reached Santiago. Why Santiago? Why not? This is an ancient pilgrimage route celebrating 500 years of pilgrims who do extraordinary labor for the purpose of faith. We could have chosen to walk anywhere. But would it have meant as much? No. Because we would not have been part of faith and prayer united in action.

So, today we will rest and bask in the blessed sunshine which finally came out as soon as we reached Santiago. Pray we get medicine to stop the coughing so that Sunday we are allowed on the plane. We fly to New York where I will spend the night with Mary-Kate. Monday I will ride the bus home. Home—what a lovely word.

Thank you for all your prayers and following along with us on our journey of body, mind and, especially, spirit.

2 thoughts on “Camino de Santiago achieved

  1. Well done Susan! I am proud of your accomplishment! Safe travels home. Greetings and well done to Mary-Kate as well!


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