Camino Accomplished, Pilgrimage Continues

My luggage and I made it home late Monday.

This is a very delayed notice that we did indeed make it home, largely thanks to your prayers, the magnificent people who run the airport assistance teams, and a very helpful pharmacist in Santiago

Santiago had a farmacia, several actually. We were able to get very strong cold medicine which made life much more bearable. Our last day when we planned to just sit in the sunshine instead became the glory of pilgrims mass (well masked on our part) and museum. The following morning we headed for the airport.

Through the grace of God, the magnificent work of the mobility assistance team, and a Spanish speaking fellow traveler, we managed to catch our connection in Madrid to NYC. Last on the plane but we made it.

The following morning, I took the Vamoose bus (again well masked) to Lorton. At home, I tested positive for Covid. And spent the next two days unpacking, washing laundry and SLEEPING! I fell asleep reading at 7 pm last night. Woke once to discover I was still dressed. Put on pajamas and crawled back under blankets to sleep through till 7 am.

This morning my body couldn’t resist the need to move. Holly was delighted to walk to the marsh where we managed to dodge other walkers (well masked) and feel the rhythm of walking sticks and motion again.

It was a time of great prayer. When I woke I asked, “So, Lord, what now?” And clearly heard, “Pray, Walk, Write”. The Pilgrimage never ends. We are all on a journey. Life itself is a continual pilgrimage toward spiritual unity within ourself, with our fellow travelers, with the Universe and with God. We all seek meaning to our existence. We need a purpose that is strong enough to wake every morning, get out of bed, start walking toward. What is your purpose? Toward what do you walk? This is your Camino. We are all peregrinos walking the Way.

Let’s Walk!

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