Camino: A Journey of Body, Mind and Spirit

El Camino is more than a walk. It is a journey of transformation in body, mind and spirit.

In the beginning, we start out eager to explore, to experiment with a new language, to experience something new. We are full of energy and questions. It is a period of great mental journey as our minds soak up and analyze new sensations and routines.

As we progress, we begin to experience more and process less. Our minds withdraw from the need to know and our soul becomes more open to sensing. There is more interest in where we are now than in where we are going. The path is well trod, marked by yellow arrows and blue clam shells. Just follow.

The longer we walk, the more patient we become, accepting our own physical limitations and those of others. We calmly wait our turn through narrow, dangerous passages. We step aside as bicycles fly past. We release preconceived notions. The young and strong may falter while the old and lame steadily forge forward. Each in their own way grows stronger.

Every day brings new obstacles: an injury-causing fall, lost luggage, boots causing blisters or bruises. Language barriers impair understanding. Food turns out to be something other than what was expected. It will rain. Temperatures will plunge or soar. Accommodations will not always be peaceful nor comfortable. Food will not agree. Fellow travelers will annoy.

Yet, we are here for the journey, not just a walk, but an inner change of heart. Maybe a deeper understanding of oneself, healing, a closer union with God, a deeper relationship with fellow travelers, a spiritual connection to those who have gone before and will come after.

Camino means “I walk”. It is a journey of body, mind and soul. What one gets out of it depends upon acceptance and gratitude for the journey—no matter what happens.

2 thoughts on “Camino: A Journey of Body, Mind and Spirit

  1. Obviously, you are well into the experience at this point. Good reflection on the way it changes as you progress. Praying for your health, stamina, and continued spiritual wakening.

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